Our Team Is Selling Their Falcons

Hello CD,
I hope everyone is having a productive build season so far! My team recently received our batch of Falcon 500 motors that we placed a PO for months ago. After being unsure when the motors would arrive we purchased a complete set of Neo motors for both our robots this season. Our team has decided to stick with our currently installed Neos rather than implementing a hybrid of both motor types onto our practice and competition robots.

We do not wish to return these to the vendor, but rather allow any team to purchase them directly from us via Ebay in hope to get them in their hands as quickly as possible. The listing is currently being made and a link will be shared once it is posted. Ebay was chosen due to the buyer and seller protection implemented, any alternative websites for selling these motors would be appreciated. Our listing will be for the retail price we paid. ($220)

  • If anyone would like to purchase them or has any questions related to this sale please message me privately.

I was going to say, you may want to save or keep them in case a catastrophic failure happened to your motors and you ran out of spares. They are also good to save for offseason projects.


There are still some available here on Ebay

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