Our Team's NFL Contest Entry- Superbowl Appearance Possibility

My team, Walton Robotics Team 2974, has submitted a video entry to the NFL’s “Together We Make Football Contest”. Our submission focused around our team’s T-shirt cannon and its relationship with our high school’s football team. Beyond that we also discuss how people in STEM and football will interact in the future.
Contest Entry:

If we are one of six finalists, everyone can vote for us. If we win, our entire team will go to the Superbowl and our video will be played during the ads! (Remember: Its watched by over 100 million people). We’ll try to get our T-shirt Cannon on the field as well.

Please support us and FIRST by viewing and sharing our video! Don’t forget to vote for us on November 21st if we make it.

Nice job guys. Your next big challenge will be to edit the video into a 30 second package?

I hope this happens! Also, congratulations on being final six.

I noticed the @twmf tweet and linked story. Nice job!
Everybody out there with a twitter - RT this to help #MakeItLoud !