Our Trackball BURST!

Has this happened to anyone else? :ahh: Our trackball got a whole in it and the whole thing basically exploded so we couldn’t patch it up because now it’s sliced half way around the circumference. But we didn’t even have time to act. One of our members put his hand over the whole but it was too late because it all happened instantly. So who knows where to get another ball. We all hope that this doesn’t happen to you. This trackball isn’t as robust as we believed:D

From TEAM 168!

Well, we here didn’t touch KoP yet cuz customs are blocking it =(
But as far am concern, the trackballs are kinda fragile… what makes me really worried…
If when we are just training the trackball just burst, imagine on the ‘heat’ of the game!

Hope that Brfirst(here), all regionals, and the Nats, have a lot of trackballs for replacement…

Yes, this happened to another team last Saturday, and they made a thread. Please search before you post, and try to proof read what you type. The trackball did not get a whole in it… The trackball got a hole in it.

Sorry Ryan, for the typo. And when we searched it, it didn’t come through. The ball was kicked to get it to the other side of the room but i believe that was really made it so easy was moving it through doors which are smalled than the door.

So my advice here is to keep it in one room. We just had to move it because the storage room is in another location and we couldn’t leave it out in our woodshop.

It’s no problem, I’m not pointing you out, but half of the threads created this week have already been dealt with, and I guess I’m venting… Also, about the trackball; we have fully inflated ours, and it does not fit through the doors very well. Also, was your bladder inside the cloth covering?

Also, here is the link to the other thread if you want to search around in it: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=60711&highlight=popped+trackball

Other teams have also broken their trackballs and are searching for ways to replace them. Here’s the thread: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=670489#post670489

This is what I suggested^.

We’ve gotten ours fully inflated, and our Mentor really enjoys playing with it, doing strategies and things like that, (and other things such as hitting it on corners :stuck_out_tongue: ) But we haven’t popped ours yet, and hopefully it lasts through the torment of being picked up. :smiley: