Our Two-day Robot- Dragonfly

So I joined team 3553 around week 3 of build. This team has an awesome awesome mentor base who I LOVED spending 20+ hours with these past two days. Boeing and Lockheed Martin engineers + UPenn + Drexel students + 357’s mentors = fun times at the shop. :slight_smile:

Red tape, snow days, the Philly school district’s rules, and administrative set backs had the team working with very limited restrictions, and by week 5 we had very little to show for our efforts. (South Philly High School is a VERY difficult place to run a team from). Ask 357 what pile of parts we showed up with to their shop Saturday morning…

20 hours later we have this going. Waiting to be wired up, minibot deployment set up, and coded. We have a lot to do, but I think we can get it done.

We will be at Philadelphia with a finished robot hopefully (but DONE is a 4 letter word). The Dragonfly will hopefully be in full force at that point.

HUGE thank you to Ryan Dognaux and his team 357, Royal Assault at Upper Darby High School for this weekend. All we needed was a place to work, some tools, and some great friends to work alongside with.

To any team who shares our situation- go find a veteran team to help you out.

More pictures here- http://s656.photobucket.com/albums/uu290/lilstogi/Rambots%203553%20Rookie%20Season/ Enjoy and comments/questions are welcome!

When you posted this on FB, I was impressed.

Now that I’ve heard the story behind it, I am even more impressed. Well done bro, well done.

Are you still kicking around the idea of adding some provision to score an ubertube?

Great post! For all the difficult times we face over the build season, it’s stories like this that keep mentors working late on a Sunday night.

Good luck in Philadelphia!

-Trying to Help


You might want to chain the wheels on each side together if you can…

Hope the latest Team Update didn’t make anything you did illegal.

Priority is as follows: get it driving and blocking > minibot stuffs > ubertube scoring. Minibot deployment/control system might stay with us for the weight allowance.

@Chris, we will avoid having our alliance block the field during gameplay, as I agree with update 10 that it would make the game very boring. The wheels will not be chained 1) due to complexity in chain path and 2) we’ll only be driving side to side with the wings down. Wings will be folded up before we turn the bot.

Did I mention that the mentors (JJ (Boeing), John (Boeing), David (Lockheed), and Agata (UPenn)) are awesome? They have so much fun with FRC. Everything outside the kit has so far been paid for by JJ’s credit card. We NEED to fundraise and fast!

We found ourselves in the same boat as you guys this year. We’ve come pretty far as well in the past two days:


Good luck!

Like I said before Stogi, job well done man. I really can’t wait to play with this guy in Philly and see how you guys do. After seeing these pictures, the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter and brighter.

Thanks guys! It is reassuring to see some people are interested in our design. We hope to impress and grab some awards like RAS or Xerox Creativity.

what are those gray rectangular prisms in the center of the robot? Do I spy two compressors?

This design will fit right in at Philly. :rolleyes:

I was thinking the same thing.

Too bad team update 10 ruled out using two robots to create a barricade. Take 3553 and another robot and you should be able to shut an entire lane or maybe even home zone, down.

they are two regulators… only one compressor.

The rookie compressor is actually tiny! Saves a lot of weight. It is the small gray pump located in the front of the picture.

Oh let me know how you guys do in competition. I had a very similar idea and my idea got shot down. I assume you guys would be “playing” break out(http://www.arcadebond.com/games/images/breakout_game.jpg) outside the scoring zone?

Looks really great

Good luck at Philly

Yup! Current strategy is ubertube in autonomous, proceed to block for most of the match, get ready for minibot deployment, ???, profit.

“Interested” is an understatement. I’ve been a fan of this design since the moment I saw it. I’m a huge fan of creative defense and am excited to see how this design works. If it does well, we might see more bots like this in the future to help balance the offense/defense ratio a bit. So far, this is my favorite design I’ve seen on here.

Good luck in all your matches,

You mind if I call your dragonfly the siege tank? In the face of adversity is where everyone shines. All teams face a varying degree, but congratulations for you guys getting past yours’. Cannot wait to see video recordings of you guys in Philly.

??? = Run tubes for us to score. :wink:

816 + 2791 + 3553? :slight_smile: