out of date coff file?

HI everyone. I recently reinstalled MPLAB, and MCC18, and when i tried to compile the code i got some error messages:

Error - Coff file format for ‘ifi_library.o’ is out of date.
Error - Could not build member ‘ifi_library.o’ in library file ‘Z:\07 code (iffy)\07 code (iffy)\FRC_alltimers_8722.lib’.

Does anybody have any idea how to fix these?

I dont want to come off rude but does any of this help?
If not post some more details and we will look into it.


I’m not sure what that is a link to, but it directs /me/ to a page that says “Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.” What were you trying to link to?


Looks like the search link didnt work like I thought it would. Anyways, it was just for “out of date coff” because there are already several threads on this topic.


Now that I’ve run the search I see what you mean. Thanks for the help.