out of FIRST projects

I don’t know about you guys but my biggest hobby is building things. There’s nothing i love more that making something cool. I was just wondering what kind of things you guys build outside of FIRST. I have built a variety of potato cannons, go karts, rockets, catapults, an electronic fireworks ignition system, and various other projects. I’m always looking for new ideas of fun things to build.

Ben Van Selous

Also, any pictures or websites would be great.

Ben Van Selous

This what your looking for?


go down to the bottom… its our “other project” a wimshurst machine.

very nice. How big are the sparks that it make?

suppose to be about 18-22inches… we are only getting i belive 15 or 16inches from it now… we will get there tho

We have a guy who’s working on a robtic wheel chair using some edu-bot stuff… thats rather amusing. He even hasa little guy to go in it

More juice. You need more juice.

This is my first year, and I have marching band in the fall. :yikes: But I have lots of ideas.
(And someone just changed the smilies on me!)