Out of Stock Already?

Thinking about all the potential uses for VersaPlanetary Gearboxes this year, I came to find that Vex is out of stock on the base kit 1/2" outputs and I found that hard to believe it already happened being that it’s kickoff. I’ve seen some others talking about bits and bobs from AM, Vex, and other sites being out of stock on what are typically widely used components in FRC.
My main question is if and when they will be in stock, does this happen often, and what other key parts have you looked to buy but have found to be out of stock already?


I highly doubt the gearboxes are out of stock for the season. I’m assuming parts are being kitted/put back into stock @ VEX. I would email sales and see whats going on.

We do have Vp’s available here as well:



Sweet, lifesaver! Thank you so much for WCP!

If you ever want to see who else sells the same product you can check out this site: http://findrobotparts.com/gearboxes/