"Outdated" electronics to sell? Suggestions?

Our team inherited a pile of old equipment (probably from 2011, 2012 and 2013 KOPs) and would like sell the outdated electronics to raise money for an FTC team. We have several rios, modules, a bag of jaguars and other items.

We have neither the storage space nor the mentor time to build fun stuff with it. What do other teams do with the old equipment?

Any suggestions for the best way to price or sell it?
Thanks for the help.


Well, selling the cRIO will probably be the hardest task. As discussed in other threads, it has an FPGA that is programmed exclusively for FRC. This makes it essentially useless for anyone outside of FRC.

How hard would it be to migrate RoboRio code to run on a cRio? I could see it being useful to keep a previous year FRC robot running for demos and such while keeping the RoboRio for new robots.

The current labview works with the 4 slot crio. The 8 slot can be programmed by the older labview, and NI extended that version license for FIRST teams to support it.

Off the top of my head, I think was 2013, but I probably have that wrong.

I also have a box of something like 12 brown and black Jags to get rid of.
Most are unused. Looking for offers.

I think that RSLs sell for around 80$ on eBay.

Sounds like fun stuff… I could see an FRC affiliated college student using such for a project. I have fond memories of that sort of hardware, as it is what I used during my years on a team.

Whatever you do, don’t toss it… They will find a home, I’m sure.

Has there ever been talk of a Marketplace forum here on CD?

CD-SWAP was active for many years, but it is now defunct. I think it was getting too hard to keep it working through updates to the VBulletin code.

Heydowns made this for C++ users, i can personally confirm that this works also, using our 2014 robot.