Outpost measurements

We have read through the rule book and are unable to find the measurements on where the hole is placed for the outpost shield. We also could not find how far the seat is away from the field. We are wondering if it is possible for someone to use the tongs and put an empty cell in the hopper of our robot which is about 57" tall. Thanks for any assistance!

Ok, first off I want to adress that there are NO tongs in the Outpost station.
Those are only found in the Payload Specialist areas next to the ends of the field with the Airlock feature.

Second question, the hole location from the floor question is answered here:

The seat… is tricky. But not. I did measure it at one point, but I forgot the distance the front edge is from the Outpost wall.

By memory, I’m going to say that the back edge of the seat is about 3’ from the field.

Can you possibly quote where you got this from we have conflicting reports from other forums on chief delphi.

I can guarantee you that there are no tongs in the outpost. There are tongs in the corners, not the outposts.

Personal experience. I’ve been to two regionals, there are no tongs in the outpost stations.

Please see Section 7 of the Manual, rule <G40.C>

C. PAYLOAD SPECIALISTS retrieving GAME PIECES passed from the CRATER through
the** AIRLOCK / FUELING PORT must use the provided tongs** to pick up the GAME
PIECE from the floor. Failure to do so will cause a PENALTY to be assessed.

(The emphasis is mine.) In the game rules, there is no mention of tongs being provided any place other than the airlock/fueling port.

Perhaps your confusion is over the location of the airlock/fueling port and the outpost stations.
Please see Section 6 of the Manual for an illustration of the field. The outpost stations are halfway between the red alliance station and the blue alliance stations, where the drivers stand. There are no tongs there. There is a shield with a hole in it.

The OUTPOSTS are located on the centerline of the CRATER, immediately outside the guardrail. Each of the two OUTPOSTS is assigned to a corresponding ALLIANCE, red or blue. One PAYLOAD SPECIALIST for each ALLIANCE sits at the OUTPOST. The OUTPOST is constructed of a shield, a base plate, and a seat. The shield is made of 1/4-inch polycarbonate, and is 48 inches tall, and 96 inches wide. The shield is intended to protect the PAYLOAD SPECIALIST from accidental incursions into the OUTPOST by any ROBOT parts that may exit from the CRATER. A set of hooks, known as the CELL RACK, is attached to the inside of the shield. The CELL RACK is used to store EMPTY CELLS during the match. There is an opening in the shield through which the PAYLOAD SPECIALIST may pass GAME PIECES to ROBOTS. The seat includes a “seat belt” restraint that holds the PAYLOAD SPECIALIST in position behind the shield. The base plate is 3/4-inch thick plywood to which the shield and seat are attached.

The fueling ports are located at the edges of the alliance stations. There are tongs there.

The corner between the Alliance Station Wall and the Guardrail System includes the AIR LOCK and the FUELING PORT. The FUELING PORT is a 48-inch wide by 19-inch tall opening in the Alliance Station Wall through which the GAME PICES can exit from the CRATER. Protecting this opening is the AIR LOCK, which is constructed of 1-1/2-inch diameter steel pipe, welded to a 1/4-inch base plate that is attached to the carpet. The AIR LOCK is oriented at a 35-degree angle between the Guardrail System and the Alliance Station Wall. The purpose of the AIR LOCK is to prevent ROBOTS, in whole or in part, from passing through the FUELING PORT and contacting any team members. It also helps prevent ROBOTS from getting trapped in the corners of the CRATER.

I hope this helps!

While I can just say “believe me, I worked field set-up & field reset this year & went to 3 competitions so far” I won’t just leave it at that since I know you want detailed info. :cool:


This shows the Outpost area from Kickoff back in January.

Note that when referring to the Outpost, it is referring ONLY to the area shown in the picture above, & NOT to the ends of the field.

The ends of the field contain the tongs so you can reach safely into the Airlock & retreive Orbit balls.
Ref: http://www.team228.org/media/pictures/view/4532

So, to recap:
Tongs are NOT in the middle of field at the Outpost
Tongs ARE located at the ENDS of the field near the Airlock area.

Tell you what, a field setup person will answer (namely, myself). There are NO tongs in the Outpost. They are only in the Fueling Stations.

Also, if the hopper is 57" tall, the EC must go OVER the Outpost shield, which is a penalty.

And, as for rules, 6.2.7 calls them out for the Fueling Station, but none are called out in 6.2.2 for the Outposts. Section 7 only mentions them in conjunction with the corners.

Thank you just wanted to make sure.

Also remember it is a penalty if any part of your body passes beyond the plane of the plexiglass through the hole. Your entire body MUST stay on the outside of the field at all times, so no you can’t reach through it to place something, nor are you going to be able to apply much in the way of “upward moementum” without incurring a penalty.

However, if you were to find a way to accommodate an empty cell at the correct height, I have seen several outpost payload specialists push an empty cell through using another empty cell/moon rock. This allows you to get at least a little forward momentum on it without risk of your hand passing through the plane of the plexiglass and thus incurring a penalty. But definitely no tongs.

Thanks for the advertising our MOEmentum FYI program! I’m sure you meant to spell it that way