i don’t know if people have asked this question already, but does anyone think that the outposts have a lesser chance of getting the moon rocks in since they have to have the seatbelt thing on and be sitting down than the people at the fueling stations?

If I remember correctly the Outpost on the sides start with a set number of orbit balls. And my guess is that after those run out they are not very likely to shoot more. Their job is to really focus on delivering the empty cells to the robots.

but when they are throwing the moon rocks in, do they have a lesser chance then those at the fueling stations?
because i’ve tried to shoot sitting down and not getting up.
and boy was that hard.
but it’s a whole lot easier to shoot standing up.
yes i do know that the height of the wall is different at the fueling stations than at the outposts, but i still think it would be harder.

I think the height of the wall is what makes up for being sitting down but yea, chances are that making it from there is going to be harder than shooting it from the sides.

Then again it really depends on the person, some people might be amazing at throwing while sitting down while they might be horrible while standing up. I don’t think the arena itself provides an added difficulty.

Coming from a former baseball player of the past 15 years. Yes people in the outpost will have a harder time getting the rocks into opposing teams trailers. But you will see an increase in the range they are thrown from the outpost if the human player throws across his body. So a right handed persons strong area will be his left side of the field and the vice versa for a left handed person. Most of the power from sonme one throwing the ball comes from the rotation from the hips and be strapped into a chair certianly takes away most of that ability. You will see that over time of the game the balls from the outpost will start to fall shorters as the match goes on do the the wear on the arm.:]

what i was wondering is will the outposts be allowed to throw during autonomous… because if they can if you don’t move during autonomous they will fill the enemy robot that is sitting in front of them no sweat…

someone in a wheelchair wouldn’t be able to play HP at the outpost correct?

I would assume that reasonable accommodations would be made. I’m not sure what they would be; ask the Q&A about that one.