Outrageous Deals

So, what outrageous deals did you find/score on the year’s biggest shopping day? I found a computer all ready to go (it really is junk - AMD Sempron 2200, 128mb ram, 40 gig HD, Lindows) for only $100 no rebates.

And then there was a P4 3.0GHz chip with (junk) motherboard for $160 no rebates. That is good considering usually the chip is like $225.

Unfortunately I didn’t score either of these because I didn’t feel like waking up so early. LOL

So what did you all find? Any online deals?

Cell phone deals is the best we’ve got so far. For x-mas my brother and I are getting a new service provider (Cingular) because Verizon doesn’t work well at Purdue. This week we saw an add for Best Buy where w/ a 1 yr contract you can get a $400 Motorola smart phone for $50 (after rebates), plus you get a $25 gift card w/ the rebates. After talking my dad into he went and got them. If you don’t mind the rebates this looks to be a really good deal.:slight_smile:

At Elder Beerman you got a $10 off coupon and you could use it on any purchase…before 11. Of course we got there at like 1059 so we didn’t get to use it. But I think that would have been a great deal if you needed to get something that was close to 10 bucks.

<off subject> DJ informed me there was a fight in our Meijer store here. How low have we come, fighting over Xmas gifts. shakes head haha


Well, I scored a four-pack of FRS radios for $20 at RadioShack.

And I was about to pick up some cheap CDs at Best Buy, when I realized my total purchase would be cheaper on iTunes. So I held off.

(I was about to pick up a DS as well, but then I was kinda unsure on my finances. So I held off on that, too.)

I dont usually notice deals, and most of the time dont care, but i was in lynhaveen mall and a new store opened up and it had all this stuff from various colleges, and the store was huge, filled with all various clothing, and everything in the store was less than 10 dollars, including jeans, letterman jackets, sweatshirts, all this in the same mall that i bought one t-shirt for 16 dollars. I know that was a deal

I picked up a Nikon Coolpix 3200 digital camera (retails 200 bucks), a 256 meg SD card for it, the 25 dollar 2 year service contract (for when I drop it :D) and a pack of rechargeable batteries/charger for 199 bucks after tax thanks to some price matching and my employee discount.

picked up an external 80 gb 7200 rpm harddrive for 80

1gb thumbdriver for 60

100 pack dvd + r for 20

The 80gb for $80 isn’t much of a deal :slight_smile: You can get a Western Digital SE 120gb for around $75. I got my 80gb for $20 earlier this year with a few rebates.

A 4th Gen iPod, brand new, for $278 plus free shipping.

Will and Grace, season one – $12.99 (retail $37)
256 mb flash drive – $14.99 (retail $50) after rebates
Leather office chair – $20 (retail $100) after rebates

I got some other stuff today, too, but there weren’t any special deals on them. :frowning:

i work at home depot and you haven’t seen or heard fighting until you see 2 giant contractors fighting over who i get to help first ( i am usually the only licensed reach truck/fork lift operator so i am in high demand)

Let’s see…
Picture Frame…$2
New messenger bag…$10
Tuesdays w/ Morrie…$10

All the cheap electronics were sold out by the time I dragged myself out of bed to go shopping…

ARe you speaking of a external or a internal

Ah, mine were all internal.

i got a ‘story of the year’ t-shirt for $9.00 instead of $17.99

For an external drive, that’s a good deal, although you can make any internal drive an external drive if you want to.

Ya i got a external, if i got an 80 gb internal for $80 i would ask someone to just kill me :rolleyes:

ya i looked into that and the conversion thing was like $50 so i just decided to buy the external


From what I heard, the Meijer fight destroyed the toy department and caused the store to be evacuated and closed for three hours. On Black Friday. That’s pretty hardcore fighting (and rather pathetic, too). :eek:

I got a All-In-Wonder 9600 XT for $75 after rebates.
A APC 1500VA UPS for $100 after rebate.
Two sticks of 256 DDR ram for $10 each.
A Microsoft natural keyboard for $20.

I like my new video card very much. :smiley: