Outreach opportunity - 3D printing help

My name is Kim Galea and I am the head coach for Knight Vision Team 3175 in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI. We recently received a request to help 3D print tourniquet buckles/parts to be sent to the Ukraine. Our practice facility is in our school’s ice arena and the person managing the initiative is the neighbor or our arena manager. We are planning to print as many parts as we can but know we can make a much larger impact on this effort by reaching out to the FIRST community to get others involved. We’d love to have as many teams join us in printing the parts and/or sewing the velcro/webbing onto the parts.

If you are interested in getting involved and helping with this effort, please let me know. The information for the project is linked below. You can send parts directly to Anthony Pate (address below) who is our contact for the program or to myself (address below) if shipping them. If you are in Michigan, or close to Michigan and would like to arrange for a pick up once parts are printed/made, I would be happy to work with you to coordinate that as well to save on the shipping costs.

We will be attending IRI and MARC II off-season competitions (possibly others) if you will be at those events and have any completed before then.

This is all open source information.
My contact is Anthony Pate
He asked me to share his information with all outgoing emails.
They ship to the Ukraine 5x/week.

Contact info:
Anthony Pate
United Support for Ukraine
23225 Doremus St.
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

Kim Galea
FIRST Robotics Team 3175
1045 Cook Rd.
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48193
[email protected]

Information about the program

STL Files for 3D printing the parts for the tourniquets: print - 3D Printing for Ukraine

Link to pdf of sewing instructions

I look forward to collaborating with some of you on this project!


Team 2869 is interested, we will be printing some using mostly team members’ personal ones because our lab is closed for the summer. We are based in Long Island, New York so we will try to figure out some shipping solutions once we have a bunch printed to save on some costs.


It says “Instantly get an email with your personalized tourniquet STL files”

I haven’t received any email yet.

Let me check on that. My students did the downloading of our files. I will ask them how long it took for them to receive the files.

Thanks for the interest!

Awesome! Thanks for joining in on the project.

My students said it took aroud 15-30 minutes for them to get the files. I filled out the form tonight to see if I would get it and so far haven’t seen it. Not sure if it is automated or sent by the organizer so it may just be a delay since it is the weekend. Let me know if you don’t get it tonight and I will see what I can find out.

I am starting printing now as soon as I get files. Other people in my team might pitch in and we may use the team printers. We’ll have to deliver them to your team at IRI

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I know that at least one other team has requested the files and not received them yet. I can ask my students to forward them to you if you can dm me your email (assuming you don’t get them soon).

Can you DM me your e-mail and I will get the files sent directly to you from one of our students. We received them right away so I’m not sure what the delay is at this point.

Were you able to obtain the STL files? I know others are having a hard time getting them. Let me know if not and if you send me your e-mail I will forward them to you.

I believe they ask you not to forward the part files as they are individuated for quality control purposes.

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Ok - I will try to contact the organizers to see what the issue is then.

Just got the ok from my contact to forward the files that we have to those that need them. So if anyone would like them sent, please just forward an e-mail address to me and I can share.

Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

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I havent gotten it yet. Will dm you my email.

DM sent

Great - just sent you the files. Thanks!

Nice! Bohemia here!!!

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come see me in the pits this weekend.

Great - will do for sure!