Outside of the frame perimeter

I cannot seem to find where it says how far we can extend outside of the frame perimeter, when not in starting configuration, all I can find is in the example of rule G29:

High speed accidental collisions may occur during the match and are expected. Robots extend elements outside of the frame perimeter at their own risk.

So does anybody know how far outside of the frame perimeter we can go?

Did you see the rule about the 54" cylinder? <G23>

As far as i know, all it says is that the robot cannot go outside of its 54in diameter.

The way i see it,
You can extend as far as you want as long as your robot is always in coherence with the 54" diameter size limit, and the 60"-84" height limit.

Agreed. [G23] sums it up for horizontal direction, and [G22] otherwise.