OVERDRIVE Rules/Scoring Questions

I says that you can not extend past a height of six feet in your opponents Home Stretch, so how are you supposed to get your color ball of their overpass?

Rule <G36>

HOME STRETCH Height Restriction – ROBOTS in the HOME STRETCH of the opposing
ALLIANCE can not be more than 6 feet tall. A PENALTY will be assigned for each

Rule <G22>

Direction Of Traffic – ROBOTS must proceed around the TRACK in a counter-clockwise
direction. Once a ROBOT has CROSSED a LANE MARKER or FINISH LINE, it shall not
break the plane of the line by moving in the clockwise direction. A PENALTY will be
assigned for each infraction.

So are you supposed to go passed your opponents finish line, turn around, and hit your ball off the overpass with out crossing the plane of the Finish Line? The robot in the animation extends past the 6 foot height limit to reach the ball.