Overdrive Simulation at IRI

The Lockheed Martin Overdrive simulation drew quite a crowd today at IRI with several teams vying for the highest alliance score. The day started out with a high score of less than 80 and by the end of the day the high alliance score was 206! WildStang and Cyber Blue are jockeying for the high score. The winning alliance will receive a monetary contribution to put in the Kiss the Pig bucket of their choice. The simulation is located on the far end of the practice field. Alliances do not have to be made up of student, mentors and parents from a single team. Gather your alliance and come give Overdrive a try!


Congrats to 111 Wildstang - The source of our new High Scoring Alliance!

They are now our reigning 2008, IRI, 5th Gear, World Champions.

With a 5th Gear virtual Overdrive score of 234 :eek:, the alliance of Wildstang team members Eric E., John (Josh?) K., and Chris M. blew away the previous record :cool:; and earned the right to deposit $40 of mentor money into the Pig Kissin’ bucket of Mr Paul Copioli.:stuck_out_tongue:

With the support of his many friends Mr Copioli went on the dominate the Pig Kissin’ fund raising and gave young Oscar the pig what appeared to be a somewhat chaste peck on the snout. :slight_smile:

Also, a big special Thank You goes to

  • Jeff Smith, Ben and the Team 1024 Kil-A-Bytes,
  • The IRI Group,
  • Sarah Plemmons and Team 1902 Exploding Bacon,
  • All the other folks I don’t know by name.

Thank you for inviting the simulation to IRI and for running it for us all. I hope everyone enjoyed it, and the rest of the IRI fun.

If we haven’t worn out our welcome yet, Dave, David and I hope to send a higher-fidelity simulation (of next year’s game) to the IRI and other venues next year. We welcome your feedback what you liked and what to improve first.

PS: If we get some pictures or video back from the folks who were at the event we will post them; probably here.

Congrats also to the three FRC 234 Cyber Blue allies who earned the IRI Overdrive Simulation Runner Up honors and pushed Wildstang to do their best.