Overlay Timer in Davinci Resolve?

Title. I’ve been able to use a Text+ node displaying the timecode. The only problem with this is it displays fractions of a second according to the framerate (30iths). I seem to remember the rules saying something about the timer needing to use 10ths of a second.

I have not used Davinci so I don’t know how to fix that, but to my understanding the rules do not require a timer overlay. They do require proof of your time in the form of a video and you to report your time in tenths of a second. So even if your timer overlay is doing something with the frames as long as your report your time in tenths of a second I would think you are legal.

Ah, I was reading SC6,

Which as you said, only references the final submitted time. Thanks!

I was going to use Davinci Resolve for putting a timer over the challenges as well but ran into the same problem with the timecode. I finally figured out how to turn the timecode text+ into a timer that would be useable for the future.

Hope this helps for using timers within Davinci Resolve in the future.


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