Overloading opponent

I was watching ISR1 (qual 36) and noticed that when the rack was full volunteers were just throwing balls back on the field as shown here: https://youtu.be/tr5kk5UgGLA?t=64 (Blue alliance overfills and volunteer in bottom right corner). However, H10 states that teams just need to make a “good-will” effort. Thus, are volunteers generally going to throw balls back on the field when there are too many?


That’s a “(What) was that Volunteer THINKING???” moment.

It’s the TEAMS’ responsibility to get balls to the Rack and onto the field. Full stop.

If at your event you see a volunteer doing that, please head for the question box ASAP and alert the Head Referee.

(Note: the Rack was NOT full and the teams were actually making an effort, as seen a couple seconds after the volunteer’s action.)


Just before the video you linked started the team launched two balls over the goal so that was the correct move.


I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to a team update making this the alternative to H10. It doesn’t fundamentally change the way the game will run and it will prevent penalties from stacking up against an alliance with inattentive human players.

Additionally, if I were a team competing, I would prefer to have the balls fed back to me immediately instead of winning off of penalty points. It feels more fair.

I understand why this instance is controversial though. The actions of that volunteer contradict the rules as they currently stand and that isn’t good.

That does change things.

Though that wasn’t anywhere near the point of exit… Might be better than putting them on the Rack or in the Corral.

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Kinda tough to just yeet them back onto the field over the driver station. No?


Were the balls returned ones that had been scored and gathered in the corral or were they shot over the field wall?

Shot over the field wall

Not tough at all. Toss high and they’ll go.

@BClarke no way to tell for sure. Probably over the wall because it was a team shirt in the corral, though.

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So the volunteer took the correct action then. No need for alarm, that’s good to hear.


Yeah one thing we’ve seen here that we haven’t seen in a number of years is game pieces exiting not only the field but the entire arena area. We have pits right behind the driver stations (you can see them on the sides of the stream video) and those pits have been bombarded by errant shots all competition.


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