Overweight robots

So, with bag and tag tomorrow, who all is overweight? (Your robot, not you.)
And what is your favorite method of shedding that extra metal?

We are over by about 3 lbs but I would like to lose 8 lbs to add a mechanism.


Guilty (and I am as well but I’m not a robot).

We are brainstorming ways to lose weight.


We just swapped our drive motors for MiniCIMs vs CIMs, saves about a pound per motor (I said about may be more, may be less) as always Swiss cheese (the pretty triangle one though)

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We aren’t overweight from what I can tell but last year we were 122 lbs and ended up cheeseholeing (autocorrect tried to correct to homeschooling?) our entire drivetrain rail, then changing our rail to 1/16" aluminum and cheeseholeing that, then finally we cut off most of our side panels which worked for some reason. We then magically lost around a pound and bent our new drivetrain rails rather badly, and then replaced them with the old ones :slight_smile:


For the first time since our rookie year, we’re actually underweight!


Bag day last year, we were about 121 lbs. We ended up taking off our elevator structure raising mechanism during unbag time later. It wouldn’t have worked anyway from our somewhat late tests.

We are at 124.8 lbs and mechanical has started prototyping a cargo intake and i am like, no. just no.


122 before week 0 event. 123 today with all of our hot fixes. I’m surprised we’re underweight because our 2018 robot was 2-3 lbs over on President’s Day with a lot less functionality. Maybe we’ve just gotten better at optimizing weight. Or maybe we’ve learned not to put an 8lb steel bar at the top of our first elevator stage. Jury’s still out.


We’ve been around 110-115 for the past week, but looking on adding a climber

We are at 88.9 without a climber.

We are usually really good about building light. Not this year. This robot kind of got away from us. Weighed 130.5 a couple days ago.

Our practice bot (big Saggy) is 114.5lbs without the extras. The comp bot is much more refined, but it doesn’t mean that it is lighter. I know we are not over 125lbs - I am guessing it is about 110lbs.

My team is at about 93 lbs and we’d be happy to take some of your guy’s spare weight!


By some miracle, we’re 119 at the moment.


Yesterday, we were about 15 lbs. overweight. We dropped our climber, and the associated gearbox, and are now OK.

However, our arm is over-built and is straining our gearboxes (OK, we broke a couple of output shafts today…) So now we’re replacing 1/8" aluminum with 1/16", possibly dropping some motors from our intake, and considering swiss-cheesing our arm to reduce its weight. (And adding some support to the shaft, and swapping in steel for aluminum at competition because we don’t have any now…)

We are going to be using our whole 30 lb. withholding this year (rare!). Please someone tell me that it IS still 30 lbs…

This year is an unmitigated disaster. Just saying. (But we have an awesome drive system! Sigh.)

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we’re looking at being ~105ish lbs last we checked. Its kind of disconcerting when I think about it. Never been this underweight while still having full capabilities. Feel like were missing something…


Now about 90 - 100 lbs, because half our bot is held together by zip ties


125.4 lbs with about another pound of things we are planning to remove

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We appear to be ok on weight, but I’ll believe it when I see it on the scale with a number less than 125.

Withhold is trickier this year at least for those of us who have been impacted by the horrible weather up north. Fewer systems totally ready and/or fully deployed on A and B machines. I am an absolute fanatic on having the team make Thursday am inspection happen in time for as many practice matches as possible.

Everyone else in the region is having similar issues, and as an added problem a schedule bottleneck means many teams including ours can only do one event. So the filler line on Thursday will probably have plenty of spots as teams wrestle with issues.

Next year, New Era…


We may need to add a few more speed holes…and probably replace a few motors. Anyone sell an anti gravity device yet?

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