"Ozark Mountain Brawl" - the legend returns

Team 16, Baxter Bomb Squad, in partnership with Team 3612, Gear Hogs, is pleased to announce the return of the Ozark Mountain Brawl. This off-season FRC event will be held in Springdale, Arkansas June 15-16, 2012. Details to come. Mark your calendars!

Ooh, interested.

Also interested… might finally have an excuse to learn where Arkansas is…

Thanks, James. I will post details soon. I was supposed to do a facility walk-through today, but had 4 inches of snow and didn’t want to make the 3 hour drive in the Ozark Mountains to the venue!

Well, it will be barely in Arkansas… the furthest corner from Florida. :slight_smile:

Hi James… hope all has been well!

Let’s “Rumble” in Arkansas… may be we can get 148 to go?! :wink:


Conversation 2 days ago:

Jeff: I wish there were more off-season’s close to us.
Me: We should convince Meredith to start one.

Thanks for reading my mind.

Interested as well, 10 hours doesn’t seem that bad.

And we didn’t even have to ask! The Robowranglers would certainly be interested in making the trip up there.

Michael, It would be great to have Bronc Botz come to Arkansas…
and we would love to have 3847 Spectrum also, Allen.

Adrienne and Jeff, an appearance by 148 would be just too wonderful to behold. But I ask one favor. Don’t tell all my rookies at Midwest that they might be competing against you again at home. :yikes:

I wanted to continue this discussion since everyone is starting to plan out their offseason events.

The DiscoBots are definitely going to participate in the Mountain Brawl.

Do you have an official sign-up sheet ?

I suggest google spreadsheets, Robot Round-up used that last year,

FIRST Team 1296 will be there - sounds like great fun in beautiful country! We might try a little camping and fishing on one end of the trip.

I’ll be there, Meredith.

Sorry to bump my own thread, but we still have openings at Ozark Mountain Brawl on June 15-16 in Springdale, Arkansas.

Friday will be an optional practice / demonstration day. Qualification matches will be Saturday morning with the elimination tournament Sat. afternoon. We are limiting it to 24 teams, so that everyone will be able to play all day Saturday. The top 8 seeds will not be able to pick each other and we will not do serpentine draft, otherwise Rebound Rumble rules will apply.

Cost is a $200 advance registration fee and you will get $100 back when you show up.

PM me if you are interested or have questions.

Thank you!

How are you getting there Ed?

We may have some important items we will need to be sent to the competition. :smiley:

I hope so. Any ideas? I am so un-creative right now!

There are a few. After STL we will be focusing all energy to make them excellent!

I’m flying in.

Yeah, I am living in “after St. Louis” mode for sure!

You come to Cow Town, so we have to go to yours! I have a feeling you will be seeing us (I can’t say for sure though as I don’t represent the whole team)