Ozark Mountain Sportsmanship

I realize there is already a thread for Ozark Mountian Brawl, sorry for duplicating, but this news should not be hidden in a thread where it may not be seen.

We would like to make the FRC community aware of the amazing sportsmanship displayed at the Ozark Mountain Brawl this weekend by alliance partners 1730 Team Driven, 16 Bomb Squad, and 1108 Panther Robotics.

During the elimination semifinals, when one time-out was not enough to get our alliance partner 457’s chain repaired, 1730/16/1108 donated their only time-out by taking it to allow us more time, thus giving away a time-out that they were very likely to need for themselves. They also donated the chain link to attempt the repair. The result: Our alliance prevailed in the semifinal matches and won the event, and the 1730/16/1108 alliance was eliminated.

If this isn’t the quintessential story of Gracious Professionalism in FIRST, then I don’t know what else is. 1986, 1987, and 457 can only express our thanks, make sure that others hear about it, and hope for an opportunity to pay the favor forward in the future.

Those who have volunteered and competed at FRC events with 1730, 1108, and 16 these past several years will recognize that the kind of GP they demonstrated at OMB is nothing new for any of these teams. They’re the stuff great FIRST events are made of.

Looking forward to seeing them again soon – 16 and 1730 will be at IRI. And 2013 is just around the corner … :slight_smile:

Thats an amazing story. Really shows what FIRST is all about.

I like to say thank you to Team 16, for using thier time out and helping our team fix the chain after it had broke, this is truly Gracious Profesionalism that i have ever seen

A great story and testament to sportsmanship. Not exactly what FIRST is currently all about though since they changed the rules a while back disallowing an alliance from using their time out to help another alliance. Kudos to your event organizers for allowing this to happen though!

I also like to say thank you to everyone who help fix our chain on our teams drivetrain, thank you everyone

In Oklahoma City this year, our driver and alliance captain offered to use our time-out to help out the opposing alliance with more time and it was not allowed. They opposing alliance made it back to the field before their time-out was up, but they were not back 100% functional. I don’t understand why FIRST doesn’t allow this type of gracious professionalism in their competitions.

Agreed, unsure why. I’d rather face an alliance at 100% and lose. Rather than play an alliance at 50% and win. I want the best alliance to win, anything can happen in a match, but I’d like each alliance at full power.


Our Alliance (772/234/3259) in Smoky Mountains did the same thing. We gave out time out to our opposing alliance when going into the finals (1319/2386/4264). Although we won the regional in 2 matches. During the time out our drive team was doing the macarena…
We were thanked by the FTA at the Competition for our Gracious Professionalism. Was there not something similar to this at the World Championships in 2006, but was on Einstein and got that alliance elimiated? I also recall in GTR 2006 that one of the triplets broke and the triplet on the opposing alliance gave them the part needed to compete (btw my First competition EVER!).

Because they don’t want 12 minute time outs. It can really slow things down. FIRST teams are so gracious it would happen all the time. Consider it a cool thing that the teams are so great they need to limit GP at times to keep the finals moving along.

Yes, I agree with you :slight_smile: