Ozzy Boards New Product Idea Poll


I’ve been in contact with Alastair Pilley, the owner of Ozzy Boards, and I asked him about the availability of the 775 Inline Powerpole Connector using the XT60 series plugs rather than the Andersen Connectors.

Personally, I much prefer the XT connectors, and Alastair said he would be more than willing to generate the boards for using those connectors, if there’s enough interest. The boards would be shipped simply as a flat board, with no connector. You would have to use your own and solder it in place, which really isn’t an issue since they come in sets anyway.

Please use the poll so Alastair can gauge interest in this for the XTs.

Thank you!

Edited to add:
The picture is to show the layout with the Andersen.