p60 gearbox disassembly

Chief delphiers-
My team and I recently ordered a p60 banebox gearbox and cannot figure out how to get it apart to grease the inside. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

All you do is undo the 4 bolts through the face. Banebots said that it might be a tight fit and that you just pull until it separates after you have removed the bolts.

We just got 4 in today and hopefully we will start testing them in the next few days. So far they look exponentially better than the 36/42mm banebots

We are looking at using the P60 gearbox with the Mabuchi motor in the KOP or possibly the Fisher-price motor itself from the KOP (without its gearbox).

Is that correct? we are a little confused right now whether both motors will work with it?

Yes, you can use either the rs545 motor or the fisher price motor with the P60 gearbox. The shaft on the fisher price motor does need to be cut a little shorter, but other than that it works great.

Thanks so much – appreciate the quick reply!