Pa robot challenge

Hey folks it is that time again regionals then natts then PARC. It is PARC’s 6th year and we hope that lots of teams will sign up. we are holding it may 10th and we hope to see all of you regulars there and even some new faces.

Team 61 is registered and have already made the hotel reservations.

Hope to see lots of great teams at this AWESOME event :smiley:

Welcome back for year #3 we look forward to having you and all the regulars back again.

team 25 will be there if we can find Tunkhannock again…

Please keep the deer off the interstate!!


There’s also a thread about an FLL competition at the PARC, check it out!

As usual… I see no reason why Chuck & 84 will not be competing… looking forward to a good 'ol hometown showdown!

Team 522, The Robo Wizards form McKee H.S., the #1 Robotics Team in N.Y.C, graciously accepts your invitation to compete in this years Pa. Robot Challenge. “Gloria” and her team mates anxiously await the competition, from the finest collection of Robotic Teams on the entire east coast. Providing we can scrape together the necessary funding, we wouldn’t miss it for the world!
Good luck to all the teams in their respective regional competitions.

Hurry and register fast the comp is fast aproaching and only about 5 teams have signed up. It wouldnt be right if less than 20 came so lets see some names going on the list.

Where’s the list to sign up for, because 25 will definately show up after the blast that was the last one. (You guys were great last year.)

That would make for an interesting finals alliance selection :slight_smile: And for once, I don’t think PARC conflicts with any school dances :slight_smile: (Last year, I went to PARC instead of prom…not like I would have gone to prom anyways…but still :P)

We’ll be there. We plan to threepeat, of course. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Wayne C. *
Please keep the deer off the interstate!!

ahh you tried to dodge it, i would have kept driving, ran it right over :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the site to register your team for the PARC: and don’t forget about the LEGO Leage post!

Yeah what he said.

234 would love to be there…anybody from indiana interested in sharing a bus???

If 234 would come that would be soooooo awsome that would be teams from 7 states that come and a new team to the park and an awsome team at that.

Is there going to be any competition like you had last year.

Just some thoughts

  1. Human player stack 8 high in the fastest time.

  2. Robot knocking the most bins in 15 sec.

Can we bring some other NJ locals? I think 1089 wants to come and we talked to Manville about it too.


Absolutely and gratts on your volunteer of the year award.

*Originally posted by Wayne C. *
**Can we bring some other NJ locals? I think 1089 wants to come and we talked to Manville about it too.

WC **

I sure hope they come. Those rookies were great at J&J. Manville really earned their 4th seed.