Pacific Northwest Bots?

This is a pic of Madera’s 2007 Bot (ETR4) I was hopeing we could get some pictures of other teams attending Portland so we could start gathering Data on teams?

also a video if you want to see our bot in action

Awesome Design!!! It looks like you guys have it set. Can it only lift one or can it lift two robots?

We should have pictures on our website sometime this week. I’ll post here when we do

We can lift 2 bots just our other old bots are all in different states of Refurbishing so the guy standing on the back of our bot weighs about 120 lbs so he is simulating the other bot

team 1501. Can you score i don’t see any video of that?

Sorry to say, we cannot score, but we can play some good defense and make it harder for the other alliance to score. Our main strategy is lifting, and we do it well.

k thanks for the info 1 team down 52 to go

What is your website?

team xbot has pictures of our robot in CD-Media for a week or so now.

We’re obviously planning on being a defender for most of the match and have achieved a nice balance between pushing power and agility. There’s just no use in a powerful drive train if it’s too slow to quickly react to a dynamic game.

The lifts are very big and easy to drive onto. We do not require the same degree of accuracy required from any other ramp- or lift-bot I’ve seen so far. The lifts are deployed independently, though both can be dropped in a matter of seconds. Lifting requires no power at all beyond an initial 250ms pulse that releases the gas springs and the rise to 14" takes no more than 5 seconds. 2 second lift times are possible with a subset of stronger gas springs should that somehow prove necessary or helpful.

Our team’s YouTube account has videos of the mechanisms in action –

We’ll have some more recent footage and photos soon.

Thanks another 1 down

We lift two robots and score on the Middle and Low Goals. Our Auto is very close to capping as well (either low or middle) …

Ok so we already have 488,957,1323,1501

Still hopeful for info on
114,192,272,360,492,753,847,948,949,955,956,997,1013,1087,1258,1280, 1294,1318,1346,1359,1425,1432,1540,1566,1569,1571,1595,1624,1700,1778,1823,1838,1839,1887,1891,1899,1983,2002,2046,2071,2122,2130,2142,2147,2148,2149,2192,2222,2249,2273

I think all this info we are sharing will help know what your alliance partners can and can’t do before matches its looking pretty good so far after just a few hours

I have pictures of 492, 948, 1294, 1318, 1778 and 2046 from a pre-ship scrimmage, but I don’t know that it’s proper to post them without a team’s permission.

492 is a ringer scoring machine with a single, 12" ramp; sideways entry. 6WD.

948 is a ringer scoring machine using a vertical lift design; ball-lock 2-speed transmissions. 6WD.

1294 is also a ringer scoring machine with a multi-segmented, turreted arm. 6WD.

1778 has an arm alongside two side-deploying ramps.

2046 is a ringer scoring machine with vertical lift.

Ok do you know their height scoring capabilities? and how many bots can some of them get up?

2273 is a fairly agile arm bot w/ mechanums
i’ll post pictures before friday

Here are the teams I have info on

753 -Track Design (Big surprise) Haven’t seen anything besides that
847- Arm Ladder Type Design can score on all three
955- Didn’t get to see, apparently overweight they were still working on Saturday(Scrimmage was at 955s cafeteria)
956 Can’t Climb on others (2 2 inch traction wheels, and 2 casters), can score on all three heights
997 No Arm, Track Design (from 753) Two fold out pneumatic lifters
1087- I want to say it was 4 WD, had an arm, don’t remember how effective
1359- Ramp for two bots, 6 WD, Arm for all three goals (more effective for lower 2)
1510- 6 WD Bot, that can climb (on us at least), Good Arm, Can score on any goal I think (effective on low and middle)
1425 -Picture of their two bots are in the gallery somewhere

Hey guys,
Im from team 948. We have the ability to consistantly score ringers, and can place them at all three levels. Last night we added a dropdown ramp on one side, a cover across the top, and a dropdown platform on the other side. (long night) Hopefully we will be able to support two robots at above twelve inches, and Im pretty confident we can do one. We were working on autonomous up until the fedex truck came.

See you in Portland!
(I can’t wait)

ok sweet now i need to document all this info starting to look good thanks for your help guys

114 probably won’t share pictures or videos until we open our crate at Portland, but here’s a couple specs on our monster:

-10 foot forklift scoring mechanism, with dual camera controls to automate scoring in both autonomous and teleoperated
-Automated de-spoiling system, ready for on the fly use
-Simple rack scoring setup, with buttons for different postions
-2 speed drive train (5fps and 15, or push and sprint)
-low CG (approx. 8 inches off the ground)

And, as always, the labcoats will be out in full force.

Lookin forward to the competition!

114 Where can you score and do you have a ramp Ramp? just trying to get some info on all the teams no big deal though