Pacific Northwest (Portland) Regional - PACNW

Well, no one else has started a thread on us so far, so I thought I would go ahead.

Team 492 will be returning hoping to fare a bit better then we did last time, at least competition-wise.

I would like to welcome our WAY out of town guests, team 272 comin’ all the way over from PA! Now thats a good commute.

I would also like to welcome back all the returning teams, teams that are making there way to the PACNW for the first time (I think we got a few “new” veteran Cali teams, including team 192,) but most of all I would like to welcome the truly new teams who are just this year experiencing their first year of FIRST.

The PACNW is not only known for being competitive but is even better known for being a great bunch of teams who are just plain nice to one another, personally I think we got the best combo possible. So, this year, lets live up to our legend and have the best event so far.

On a slightly more downtrodden note, FIRST WEEK AGAIN?!? Come on, who has it out for us in FIRST headquarters… we know your in there…

I was very pleased with the overall experience at PNW last year. We’re going again, and I guess we’ll see you there!

I look forward to seeing some of the teams from PNW from last time. I remember your bot; it was a pretty sweet piece of kit all right.


Last year was an awesome competition at PNW, and I very much look forward to it again this year! see you all there!

I am a bit confused. I don’t see 114 on the team list:

Is that a FIRST screw up or whats up?

Hey everyone,
I’m one of the team leaders for our brand new first robotics team:)
we’ll be making our way all the way from Surrey, BC.
It’s our first year competing in first, but a number of the members of our team have experience competing in a somewhat similar but WAYYYY smaller competition called Skills Canada. This is going to be a blast!

Well welcome to FIRST! As I can see this is your first post on delphi, so welcome here as well.

As I am sure you will find, the people here are more then willing to help you work through any issues you may be having, so feel free to ask.

I look forward to meeting your team at the PACNW.

Yes, team 272 Cyber-Crusader Robotics will “Go west young person, go west!”. This is our tenth year anniversary and we are very excited about coming to a new competition. Please drop by to say hello. Look for the old guy with green hair. Can’t wait, getting lots of sleep now because once the season starts I know we will get very little.

Team 1839 will be returning, this is our second year in first and we are exited to return to portland.

Yes! A big welcome to Team 2273 from Sullivan Heights! We’re looking forward to travelling down there with you. It will great to no longer be “THE” Canadian Team!

Portland is not only a great regional, but a great city. In fact we’ve had so much fun at PNW the last couple years that this summer my wife and I took our summer holidays down in Oregon (and scored a few of the last 1/2 price VEX kits at Radio Shack… and tax free too!)

Looking forward to getting together with you guys during build. Your presence now makes BC the #2 FIRST province in Canada.

Have fun this weekend and we’ll be in touch,


1087 will be there as always. Definitely going to improve from last year’s uhh… mishaps.

Also, the gorilla will be making another (possibly his final) appearance ever.

My favorite thread – all my pals from the last two years. I’ll probably be there on Saturday, but I’ll be teamless. Maybe I’ll contact the PNW committee about volunteering.

Good luck to everyone!

957 will be there again

Hey, team 1983 wil also be there. This is our first year in FIRST and none of us have any past experience in FIRST, but many have taken robotics classes. We are all extremely excited to be competing and have a coach who has a lot of previous experience in FIRST. Furthermore, I’d like to thank team 492 for hosting the kickoff last saturday; it was fun and i met some of the team members including the president. You all were very helpful and I hope to see you guys down in Portland.

-Zach Wydick
Aviation High School
Robotics Team 1983 President

Look forward to seeing you down there Rick!


On behalf of the TRC you are very welcome. If there is anything more that we can do to assist you as a rookie team please let us know.

Also, Team 1891 will be there unless we have been frozen to the ground. It was 9 degrees yesterday and the day before that :ahh:

Team 604 would like to be there but due to a shortage of budget, we won’t be going. Maybe next year.

Darn guys, that really sucks. You have been a lot of fun in the past, and we were all looking forward to seeing you there!

Maybe next time.

team 360 is coming back as well.

Team 753 will be showing up again (and hopefully winning/placing high again)
This is our favorite regional because of the friendly atmosphere and great sportsmanship
Can’t wait!

Madera will be attending Portland for the first time. We finished 8th in the Archimedes division this year and plan on being really competitive again. Look for the blue hair.