Pacific Northwest Regional Chairmans (who's going/what did you do?))

Who applied for the Chairman’s Award in the Pacific Northwest Regional? If possible could you post a copy of your submission or just a sample or an outline of what your team did as a project?

Team 360
In years past our former leader Ashlee did a great deal of community service with FIRST. She and the team started recruiting many engineers and sponsors (including the University of Washing which is now a regional site.) The Foss team was another direct consequence of these efforts.

This year we have many long lists of plans that did not work out perfectly (we tried to start two new teams without much success and were going to invite 383 Brazil to come up a week early and visit our school/stay with us like a mini exchange program. As it turned out we found out they signed up for the Michigan regional instead the day we managed to get the administration to approve it.)

The successful ideas did include going to a museum along with Foss where we showed kids the robot and even allowed them to drive it sometimes. We taught three classes in two schools about subjects such as binary, how things work (motors/electrical), robot components/mechanisms, computer graphics and FIRST itself, gracious professionalism, responsibility and leadership. One of these schools was our second largest feeder school to ours and the other (where we did most of it) was at an “area undergoing urban revitalization after some years past for recent problems with violence and gang wars.” There are also a high percentage of kids eligible for free hot lunches there. All interested kids were referred into the Destination Imagination program (a robotics program for their age group)

We became close to the second school and when one of the students in a class we taught’s brother was diagnosed with leukemia we got permission to put up posters around school for his blood drive/donor compatibility test. There are also small segments about how the mentors made the students learn to do jobs completely by themselves and how it was great to be able to test our skills in the real world on our own two feet (our team raised its 8,000 dollars this year with a student team and Chairman’s was student-run as well.)

So yeah, it isn’t a ton but this is our first year trying to make a submission and it is something. What did you guys do?

190 is submitting our Chairman’s Award to PNR. We made a mock newspaper, the Gompei Gazette, which highlights the various aspects of our team. I don’t want to post more info (or a link to the file) without getting the OK from the rest of the team first, but I think we ended up with a pretty creative submission, given the constraints.

The link to 190’s Chairman’s Award submission is

I’m curious as to why Gompei is submitting to PNR as opposed to a more local event that they’re attending such as the BAE SYSTEMS Granite State Regional?

Everyone’s always checking up on us… :stuck_out_tongue: (Well hey, cant say that I blame ya’s :wink: )

Anyway, I used to know this answer, but I forget now, oops.

I believe it had something to do with NASA funding we were supposed to receive for attending PNR and submitting the chairman’s there but which fell through. I doubt it’s an issue of big fish, small pond.

Interesting how you put a picture of me on the front of your Chairmans award. I always thought Tim was the photogenic person.

But that picture has everything! Girls, minorities, children – what more could you want?

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**But that picture has everything! Girls, minorities, children – what more could you want? **

You guys made Nick’s face… the face of WPI FIRST.
Interesting choice.

btw - who from 190 founded 125?