Packet Loss when scanning for WiFi networks

So for about 2 months we were investigating some sort of unexplained packet loss with a robot. Basically these instances are spikes, is random (see below), and between 20% and 60% loss as reported in the driver station.

The after months of debugging we found the trigger to be simultaneous scanning for wifi networks! For example, when opening the wifi quick menu on the Windows 10 desktop, the spike happens for about 2 seconds, then subsides. So our theory as of late is that the act of the wifi card scanning for available connections is interfering with the existing one. We reproduced this issue with the schools wifi, so I know this isn’t a FRC issue but still wanted to ask here in case anyone knew any further steps or had experience with this.

We have tried everything short of a full reset of the computer. We don’t have another computer with the DS software yet, but we’ll bring that and test to see if computer matters (I doubt it). Radio and control system don’t.

So, is there anything we can do to try to fix this, short of a new wifi card? It is a Qualcomm Atheros QCAx61. Financially we obviously would like to avoid this.

Untested, but worth a try:

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I saw something similar years ago with a particular wifi card. I tried a few different versions of the driver and found one that worked.

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