Paid FRC Mentor 5804 and Physics Teacher, Private School, Richmond, VA Starting 2023-24

FRC Community,

I am sad to say that I am leaving the teaching profession for an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. With that being said there is a search to find my replacement as FRC Mentor of team 5804 and Physics Teacher at Collegiate School in Richmond, VA starting in the fall and I want to assist in any way possible so I’m posting it here.

The first thing that I would say is this; if I were to stay in the teaching profession I would not be leaving the school as it is an amazing place to work. The standard class load is 4 sections (ave 15 students per section) of HS Physics to mostly juniors. I currently teach 4 sections of AP Physics 1. I am a co founder of 5804. We have a strong foundation and tremendous support from the school with great success on the field and in promoting STEM careers. As a teacher you have lots of freedom and autonomy.

FRC Mentorship is a generous stipend
Good Health Benefits at reasonable cost.
Free Lunch each day at school.
Retirement 7% match first 9 years, 10% years 10+
JK-12 School of 1600 with only 550 in the High School
Strong Community Support.
A lot of professional development money. (I have never been turned down for a request).
Family school with most children of faculty attending.
Robust Budget for Robotics.

Here is the link to the Collegiate School Upper School Physics Teacher Posting.

I am happy to converse with anyone with serious interest about the position.

Best to All,

Greg Sesny

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