Paint values

In the camera initialization, as everyone knows, we set the calibration values for Yellow, green, and red, right?

so, here in brazil we dont have stores that sell rustoleum paints, and we don’t have the exact colors to calibrate the camera.

If anyone have the right paints and calibration values, could you give us this 3 values??

thank you since right now

Guys, we emailed all the Brazilian teams with the appropriate mixes using paints we can find in here, and also vynil decals that we used for green and yellow.
Anyway, here it goes again:


8872 - Extravinil Super
Base: 8872-Extravinil Super

AXX - 9
R - 2Y20
V - 47


8872 - Extravinil Super
Base: 8872-Extravinil Super


E - 2Y33
KX - 18
V - 33

(You can take those codes to any Renner Paint Shop and they’ll make 'em to you in a couple of hours.)

For yellow and green, best we found was the Oracal 651 line, yellow is code 22 (light yellow) and green is 68 (grass green). You can buy them in Porto Alegre at the Shampions store, it’s on Brasil Avenue.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be too concerned with the actual values, because, as I understand, FIRST will give teams the exposure values at each Regional. Just have your camera follow something similar, develop your program, then use the values FIRST gives you at the competition.