Paintball at Nationals?

has anyone heard anything on whats going on with the paintball trailer? this sounds like it could be alot of fun…especially since 3 of the kids on my team own a paintball field together…im being pretty hesitant about bringing my paintball gun though because we are flying

anyone have any comments or further info regarding the whole paintball thing?

that is the exact wuestion i was gonna ask

i think that the truck was probably there for something else. I wouldnt take your gun, i pondered it too. chances are, paintaball wont be available and you will also never pass security with it

You will never in a million years get a c02 tank (or nitrogen or compressed air) tank ontu a plane, and trying is likely to get you arrested. If you explain to them what it is and pack it nicely (perferably take off the trigger and bolt to prove its inoperable) you may get it in your checked baggage. I would bring my gun as we are driving up by bus but it is a school trip and as such paintball guns are specifically (in bold letters in the code of conduct even) dissallowed.

United Airways Restricted Items,10017,1035,00.html

US Air Restricted Items

So it would seem that any compressed air canisters can not travel by air, and that any paintball gun(if it is considered a firearm) would have to be declared and travel as checked bagage.
Federal law requires that firearms travel as declaired checked bagage, but also that the airlines accept them as checked bagage.

Best suggestion I have is to call the airline.

That said, I higly doubt that the paintball truck was there for FIRST, or that there will be a paintball anything at nats this year.


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that’s all I have to say. I have been playing the sport for many years and have travled with my gear before and after 9-11-01 and the same rules have always applied. In most cases you have to ship you gear, but remember you can take the nipple off the tank thus there is no way for pressure to build up.

Persaonally I ALWAYS Ship my gear and I check with the shipping company on there rules and regs. This way you can get insurance and you can pick it up at there warehouse.


That Paintball truck.


Trust Dave to find the cool stuff.

An educationally sponsored trip would never have a paintball fight in a million years. My guess is that is the air conditioner that they are going to put into the pits, see the end of it on the right. I know that Disney mostly rents their equipment for the tents, and other amenities in the FIRST park. Leave your gun at home, if you read the FAQ, they are going to have increased security at this event, a metal gun is the last thing you would want to bring. However I know that there are many laser tag things in Kissimmee and all around Florida.

Maybe I am all wrong, but I wouldn’t chance it.