Well, I’m here with a friend from school and we’re wondering who likes to play paintball. So, have you played? Often?

If you have, what are some funny experiences you’ve had? What marker do you have? Have you ever been to PBR (Paintball review)?

Paintball is so so so so so so much fun.

I went once and it wasn’t any fun at all for me.

I prefer Airsoft.

Went paintballing once, had fun, but my gun sucked so that kind of ruined the experience. I’ll have to try it again sometime. :]

I currently use a Tippmann .68 Carbine customed with a special barrel and a double trigger…its pretty nice and it works for me…

My secondary gun is a 32 degrees pistol…i keep that in my holster and pull it out if necessary as an emergency…right now its broken and I have to get it fixed…

usually I go to a pretty nice facility here in town, but their kinda expensive, so I usually go buy cheap paint somewhere and play in my friend’s backyard…