painted bot

Anyone know if a bot is allowed to be painted? i know that crates can’t but i don’t know if bots can’t

Depends on what kind of paint you use, but we’ve spray painted our chassis in past years and also this year already.

Of course you can paint your robot with non-hazardous coatings. What leads you to believe you can’t paint your shipping crate?

what the point of a crate then if u cant show off and paint it i seen in the past many team and the cheasapeake and long island that have their painted our team just doent havent time to decorate it and be creative were devotedx to robot then maybe decorate

If you didn’t know minibots probably can be painted under the allowed material of non-function decoration.

I do not know if you have ever seen the Pink Team, but if they can do this, I am pretty sure you can paint your robot almost any way you want:

I am not quite positive, but I believe the whole frame and arm are powder-coated.

We pretty much paint our robot every year with either spray paint or powder coat and I dont know who told you that you cant but you can paint your crate.

First time i saw pink team my face was like :eek: then :confused: then :smiley:

Of course you can Here’s our Lunacy robot, my favorite for our team as far as paint goes (maybe cause I did most of the painting :wink: ) unfortunately I could not find a picture of our bight yellow crate covered in team oriented graphics.

Probably shouldn’t use lead paint… :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably can’t get lead paint … :smiley:

I hope you can’t get lead paint

We have had a painted crate for the last 9 years. I have never seen a ruling against this.

You can paint your 'bot. You can paint your crate. You can paint your nose, but, you can’t paint your friend’s nose.

Andy B.