Painting Hinges?

do you think these hinges will be alright if i spray paint them? They are steel and are from stanley. They arent being used on the bot but on the control board…just dont want them to lock up from paint

Your picture link is broken. I think your host doesn’t support off-site linking, because I could get to the picture, but it doesn’t show in the thread.

try this:

You shouldn’t have a problem if you spray paint them. As long as you don’t use the whole can on them you’re not putting on a thick coat that will gum them up. I also suggest wiping them with laquer thinner or denatured alcohol before painting to make sure the surface is clean and better the chances of the paint holding up. If you’re really picky you could scuff them with Scotch Brite or fine sandpaper and also primer them but from what you’re doing with them I think you will be fine with the paint only.