Painting the robot

Are you free to paint a robot any color scheme?

you can paint it any color other than the green or the pink color on the trailer.

Is that a rule quote? ]

In the past teams who have had color schemes that have interfered with the camera (aka: Green teams such as MOE 365) have not had a problem keeping their color green on their bot.
I’m sure teams such as 233 & 365 will have issues this year if there is a rule stating you CAN’T color a robot pink or green.

**<R02> **

C.Any devices or decorations specifically intended to jam or interfere with the remote sensing capabilities (including vision systems, acoustic range finders, sonars, infra-red proximity detectors, etc.) of another robot (i.e. changing ROBOT color to confuse opponent’s vision system)

Which is exactly my point.

IN 2006 the rules were written very similar, & robots that were green were allowed to play with a Green tracking system.

Looks like pink & green robots should be allowed following in the same guidelines that have been used before, but that’s just my opinion from understanding *FIRST *rules over the years.
*FIRST *Q&A is the official answer. Ask them.

I was playing with the camera today and noticed how similar the green cloth for the target is to our usual bumper cover cloth (not quite, but close I think). However our bumpers should not be mistook visual target this year, because there are no bright pink colors, they are 1 inch off the ground instead of 59 inches, and are not shaped like the target.

The point is: the target is green and pink colored in a certain pattern, a certain shape, and located in a specific plane above the floor. All these things should tell you what is a vision target and what is not. The sophisticated vision processing of the cRIO can tell you all these things if you use it the correct way. It can even tell you if the green or pink is on top and thus which alliance owns the trailer. The new vision system is far more sophisticated than the the old CMUcam, which could only process the single color you gave it.

Expect another MOE green robot from team 365 but not a green and pink robot checkered robot. As long as we don’t drive on top of 233 (or get pink feathers from 709 stuck to us like last year) we should be ok. In fact, I think the GDC got the inspiration for this visual target from the aerial view of the 2001 Philly pits (where 233 & 365 where had adjacent pits).

So I say to you NOVA: Please paint your bot because it looks cool and we need all the help we can get to tell all those 28" by 38" boxes apart this year. Just dont paint it Green AND Pink because that might violate <R02>. If you are worried ask it in the Q&A, but I imagine they have bigger fish to fry at the moment so be patient

Also, if a team has painted their robot those specific colors year after year, i don’t think that it should be deemed this year that teams liek 365 and 233 are intentionally doing anything,.

MOE and Pink, do your stuff:cool:

Thanks for the information!