Palm OS 2002 Robot Database by Team HEATWAVE

Team 312 has developed a Palm OS application that can manage a vast amount of information about the other teams and their robots that we would be pleased to share with anyone who is interested. The database includes general specifications of each robot, match sheets, and even an image of the robot (color handhelds only). The application will run on any Palm OS handheld computer, and can be installed by us at our PIT station from our laptop data station. The application database will be managed by us. The way the system works is with a windows synchronization agent that will import all new data from the handheld as well as export and upload to the handheld all updated information collected previously by others. This system allows for the collaboration of hundreds of users in a data collection and communication effort, the efforts of one will be replicated in the database of each other. The handheld software features PIT sheets that keep track of each robot’s drive train motors, gear shifting, goal handling, and ball handling abilities, as well as offering a comments field for each robot. The software also features a match sheet set that allows users to log the general events of each match for each robot including the team’s first move, balls and goals acquired, final position, use of remote scoring, alliance score, opponent’s score, and an optional comments area. The data the program can hold is simple and to the point. The interface is quick and easy to learn since most data entry is achieved through dropdown menus. In addition to data entry, the program allows users to search for a robot matching specific criteria, or even view a picture of the robot. As an added plus, the program features a strategy planning area which allows users to draw up strategies directly onto a graphic of the field. We will manage and host all the data, and would be more than happy to share the software with anyone who wants it. There is even consideration of a short, ten to fifteen minute, workshop on how to use the software (even though no one should need it). If you’re interested please bring your Palm OS handhelds with cradles to the national competition, and we will give you the software there.

 ~Paul Dickman
    Team 312 Heat Wave

hmm, this sounds like an interesting idea. how muc hdata can you fit onto one palm pilot? i have one with 2MB, and i was wondering if i brought that down, could i hold all of the database (minus the pics) on my one palm? or would i have to get multiple palm pilots to make it work? if the database will take up more than 2MB, please tell me, so i can get a few palms (so we can use the database from our pit, if we need to). thanks.

The Database without the picture element of it is approximation 200 - 250k. You will be just fine with 2MB of free space… probably will be able to fit all the pictures on there easily.

well, i only have a blakc and white palm (i believe palm III). so, having pictures won’t help me at all. :smiley:

hehe ok…well stop by and we’ll set you(and anyone else that wants too) up.

Our team would like to point out that teams can adequately gather information on the other robots in their division with just a few PDA’s. We plan to scout our division (Einstein) with no more than 8 PDA’s. As we have mentioned before, we will gladly host a quick tutorial workshop on Thursday afternoon (at our pit area) and answer any questions regarding the use of the program. Please feel free to stop by our pit and we will gladly share this program with your team members.

i’d like to eventually create my own program for palm pilot scouting (heck, i have a family friend who codes for palm pilots, he could probably do it in a few hours), but for now i’ll settle for another teams. :smiley: i’d like to see this database and how it works, so i’ll have some ideas for next year. i’ll be sure to drop by. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you been in contact with Soap 108? They have been gathering data with a Palm application througout the regionals. (with the help of other teams like 343 Metal in Motion) Is it possible to merge these two databases to create a super database?

The application 343 used at St Louis was actually WASH, which is closely tied into SOAP. We ask teams to help us gather data using our Palm & PC apps, then we upload all the data we capture to SOAP so everyone can view it.

It is not possible to merge the two databases (at least this year), but it is possible for 312 to share their data with SOAP (but it may be too late this year). SOAP will take scouting information from any source and distribute it through their giant database. They are currently set up to handle data from WASH and GMCIA and are always looking for other sources.

We should all get together in FL to talk about possibilities for collaboration next year. There are a range of possibilities from merging the two tools to gathering our own data and swapping database files. Whatever we decide on 312 should definately work closely with SOAP next year so their data gets uploaded and is available to everyone.

As always, feel free to add more Kenny.


I could be wrong, but I believe it is possible to take the information and combine it, but we can talk about that at Epcot.

I’ll be sure to find the scouting group of 312 in the stands and talk with you about possibilities for next year. Of course I’m very interested in seeing the app you wrote for this year, it sounds awesome. I’ll have to get a copy of it to play with :slight_smile:


You probably have an easier time finding some of us at our pit area. Depending on who you talk to about the application in the stands you may or may not get the most accurate information possible. Plus the computer that we keep the database and the program on is in our pit area.