Palm Pilot Software

I was wondering if any one knows of a place on-line where you can download a Palm Pilot software creator. I am looking for something simple. I don’t mind spending some $ on the software but free is always better. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


A nice little program set I use for developing Palm programs ON the Palm is onboardc . It’s good for making interfaces and managing your resources. For full-on desktop development for Palm, I recommend you take a look at Falch. PilRC is really all you need unless you’re planning on hardcore development, and you can buy that for around $30.

I recommend using Palmphi because it’s free for non-commercial use and has gotten some good reviews in palm newsletters and such.

Thanks For the help guys, its just one more thing I am doing to keep myself busy during this robot lacking summer. lol. Hey, at least IRI is less then a month away!

How about someone gets a Sharp Zaurus Sl-5500/5600 or and iPaq and and install Linux on it? The Zaurus comes with a Linux based OS on it and you could make it better with Openzaurus which is even closer to the real thing. That way, a Linux dashboard or whatnot could be created on a PC and then recompiled for a handheld (with some unit specific modifications obviously). With that much out of the way, someone would just need to create a driver for the I/O port on the Zaurus to be used for the serial connection. It shouldn’t be that hard, and the Zaurus is a very dependable unit… it even has a nifty little hidden QWERTY keyboard under the lower face… heh…

the zaurus is great; too bad the battery lasts like 5 seconds, especially with a wireless compact flash card; what they should really make for the zaurus is a battery backpack, you could carry a ~50 pound package on your back filled with plenty of power for the zaurus to run on

hmm… a serial interface for the zaurus would be a great idea; anyone gonna try to figure this out or know if there area already any resources for this already? i am willing to work on such a thing with any other zaurus users as i think it would be extremely nice tool to have around for the robotos and such

ohh, and indeed openzaurus is sooo much nicer than the default sharp rom on there

i have a zaurus, running openzaurus, but it seems to be rather unstable. maybe i’ll reflash it when i get a chance…

while a dashboard program for the zaurus would be cool, i don’t think it’d be functional. a laptop screen is much larger, and much nicer to read off of, and more impressive to judges. On the other hand, you can’t walk around with a laptop in one hand, and a screwdriver (or other tool) in the other, poking the robot to find the problem.

i guess the bottom line is, if someone is willing to explain the basics of programming for a zaurus, i’m more than willing to help make a cool dashboard for it.

oh, btw, they do make battery packs, that hold like 4 AA batteries and plug into the I/O port. not sure how long they last though.

Well, that is why i mentioned the SL-5600. It supposed has a good battery life. I have never had luck with the battery in mine. Once that guy finishes moving his stuff to Texas, OZ 3.1 should be out with the latest kernel. I am willing to work with someone on this project too. Perhaps we should start official projects and ask the professionals for their input on writing drivers for the Z.