Palm vs. Pocket PC

I was looking into buying a PDA, and I wanted to see what everyone thought about the whole Palm vs. Pocket PC (Windows CE) debate. Also, if you have any specific models to suggest or reasoning, feel free to post them.

I vote Palm…

Guess how I feel about Windows?

I have a Jornada with a 802.11b CF card. PPCs have a lot more capability than Palms and make nicer toys… but I still think that that Palms are better if all you want is an organizer.

What model Jornada do you have?

Jornada 568.

i have a symbol ppt 2800, complete with barcode scanner and wireless 11mbit card

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**I vote Palm…

Guess how I feel about Windows? **

Jeese…a real linux user would make a new options: Sharp Zaurus.

Runs linux :slight_smile: gurgle

As someone mentioned, PPC’s make great toys. Palms make great organizers.

Take a look at what you want to do with it.

I had a Palm V, and now have a Palm 505. The palmV serves the exact same purpose as the Palm 505. I only got it because, it was dirt cheap. (Try under 100 bucks, family member upgraded to a 705) It offeres the ability to take a wireless sled. (Work loans me one)

I use my Palm to keep contacts, remind me for appointments, and take notes. My co-worker uses a Palm 3, and for all intents and purposes we get the same amount of use out of them.

We also have a Pocket PC device that we trade off. (Larger than a PDA, has a full Keyboard, it’s about the size of a DVD case. Infact, it opens just like a DVD and shows the screeen) It allows us to run all kinds of programs like NetStumbler, a terminal program, Wireless Signal strenght meters, pocket access.