Palmetto '08

ok… there are 5 pending teams for palmetto… who are they? just wondering…

Sup, 1261 again. My source tells us we’re registered so i guess we’re one of the five so far…:smiley:

Hope to see yall there…with my Hip Southern Accent.:cool:

We will be there. :smiley:

i think team 1086 and 384 were palning on going but since we made it to chamiopnship we may not be attending…

We were pending about a week ago but we are in now so I’ll see you all there and Good Luck:D

…the robots haven’t been shipped yet, how can yall already be at nationals? Or is this another competition?:ahh:

Team 1319 is extremely excited about the 2008 Palmetto Regional!!

The new location will be an interesting change and we look forward to seeing our close friends from last year there. It looks to be a fierce Regional!!