Palmetto 2004 video archive

Yes, 2004. Better late than never, right?

The '04 Palmetto is now digitized using the new SOAP '06 encoding hardware. Tell us if you like it.

p.s. SPAM Team, thanks for the VHS copies…you’ll be getting them back next week!

KA-108 :cool:

Palmetto 2004 was 1293’s first event ever. I just pulled up some of our matches (try Q10 and Q21, if you’ve ever wondered what Bob looked like in his prime), and boy did it bring back the memories.

(Interesting side note: If you look carefully at the shot of 1293’s driver station, you’ll note the complete absence of a control board. Back then, we just suction-cupped the joysticks to the table and ran.)

If you want a match result list, try

SOAP, for bringing the videos so fresh and so clean clean: