Palmetto 2008 Videos

Team 1539 is making a sponsorship presentation about this year and we have few videos of our robot at competition. Does anyone have videos of Palmetto Regional 2008, particularly with 1539 in it? (We were the shopping cart bot with the giant Pringles can). Thanks.

i think that we have a recording somewhere… but its on VHS… and hopefully, they will be on TBA here in the coming days.

I have about ten videos, but the camera focuses a lot on us. But if you had a match with us, and would like to see it, PM me. And yes Chris, you’ll be the first.:cool:

I highly doubt that TBA will but up Palmetto videos. I don’t have a single video from last year. I still have no idea what happened in the finals last year…and I WAS DRIVING!

We are given recordings by other people who record events. Unless someone recorded Palmetto, we won’t have footage of it. :frowning:

wasnt it on webcast? and if it was, wasn’t it automatically recorded? b/c all we have is VHS i do believe…

I have only one match. And it was at Peachtree. There are no Peachtree or Palmetto vids on TBA, or anywhere! If you guys want to check out the peachtree match I have its:

Match 33

We have a video if you want it. It’s the match where we were on opposing alliances, but you can see your robot making the rounds.

The view is from the end of the field, so it is not real impressive …

Give me an FTP site and I’ll drop it in for you. 60Megs.

(Or send me an e-mail and I’ll post it where you can get to it.)

Tanner from team 1261 is going to be posting un-parsed videos to The Blue Alliance. Once they’re up we’ll need help splitting them up into individual matches. I’ll post here again once we have them and hopefully some people can chip in to the editing effort :slight_smile:

hey! i know tanner.
Ya, he recorded Peachtree and I think Palmetto.
But there may be problems with the Peachtree Video because of the crazy storm that caused some EVIL electrical problems. Which resulted in the elemination matches being manual. how lame…

I have a video shot from Section 209 on an old Hi8mm camera (warning: it’s a little fuzzy) when we were on the same alliance. I’ll convert it this weekend and send you a link.

Who could forget the Dollar General shopping cart? That was a great!


I sent you a PM. I’ve got you covered.

Thanks ya’ll…im glad you remembered out bot. we were pretty proud of it, and kinda of disappointed when we didnt get any design awards…

hopefully we’ll manage a pretty good accumulation of video…thanks.

I believe we have every match we played in recorded…I just need to take the time and upload them.

I have an archive of all the qualifying videos with team 665 in it. That would be qualifier #32 with you and one of my team members took videos of our elimination matches as well.

If you want these, they’re quite large, but I can downscale them and post them on youtube or

If you’re interested, email me at

I know this is sort of old, but I’m looking for some more videos from Palmetto, our team doesn’t have all of ours, and I wanted to check on the status of the aforementioned videos. No rush, just thought I’d want to strike while the iron is sort of luke-warm, and check. Thanks.

-Greg P.

i have dvd’s for the qualification matches, but not the elims… and i dont know why…