Palmetto 2020

hey everyone! just looking to get a grasp on how things are looking for teams competing at palmetto this year! anything fun new or interesting your team is trying out this year?
we got our hands on a limelight and our vision tracking as certainly taken a step up.

We are trying vision for the first year ever and also for the first ever year we have a working auto that can be competitive week 1 while having a surprise on our climber that’s out of the box. Hope we get to team up with you


That sounds awesome! Were in the same kinda boat. Last sort of vision we had was 2012 and it was just a crosshair that counted pixels and lighted up green when we were dead center. Dont think we had any vision at all before that
Now we have auto aim and range

In honor of Dr Woodie Flowers, Robotz Garage will introduce “Woodie Wagon” as our Infinite Recharge robot!

We invite all students at the Palmetto regional to sign our robot side panels.



FYI… This “no bag” approach was a good deal. We’ve never been better prepared for a week 1 event. See you tomorrow!


We will also be sporting a couple #ThanksWoodie on our pit and shirts (and driver station, if I remember correctly)

Can’t wait to compete at Palmetto (and a week 1) for the first time!

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Trying to not do overextend this year. Robot is done and tested before comp for once


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