Palmetto Regional website redone

What do you get when you’ve got an undergrad on winter break with the full web templates of the University of South Carolina?

(A cookie to anyone who can tell me how many robots pictured on the website have actually come to a past Palmetto Regional.)

Looks good. You did a good job :stuck_out_tongue:

Well seeing as that 968 is in California…
and 1902 (and what looks to be a corner of 1523) is in Florida…
Oh…and 1390 (But they are registered for Palmetto this year…) too :wink:

The site looks awesome! And nice picture, looks like they caught my good side. :wink:

Well, I was going through my picture collection for banner images, and I needed a robot with a student. It just so happened that I found my Championship images in iPhoto first. :wink: