Palmetto SC Regional Match Videos

I have uploaded a few of the Qualifying and Finals matches at the Palmetto Regional. Brought to you by Team 900 :smiley:

Thanks for posting! This is really useful.

Anyone else from the SC Regional there headed to the NC Regional??

Thanks for posting, it’ll really help us execute our strategy better next week at Orlando.


I saw this thread and thought I could add some videos from FIRST Team 3824! There are a number of qualification and elminination matches, though there are only matches that our team competed in. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Darn, I wanted to see what went on in Q17 against you guys. It doesnt look like you have it.

We have a good portion of our qualification matches on film. We may upload them all, but it would take a while – it’s about 20 GB total. If anyone wants a particular match number, I can check if we have it and will upload it.

Andrew since ive been told your team will be in Orlando with us, is it possible i could get the raw footage from you of our matches on a flash drive? I can let you hold mine its rather large in size cap. Ill give you the match numbers ahead of time.

Filming some of your matches at Orlando? I will run it by our cameraman, but we should be able to.

No I meant if you had film from matches we played in from Palmetto.

Here are the matches we recorded at palmetto. Hopefully you are in at least one of them. Sorry we don’t have Q17 for you

No, because we never played with or against you guys at Palmetto. I wish we had, it might have ended in another W on our dismal schedule.