Palmetto thy name was competition.

I was just wondering who was going to the Palmetto Regional, AND who you think will be the “top-dogs” at said regional. Yes it’s all well and good to toot your own horn and say “We’re going to walk away with this thing”, but let’s not forget gracious professionalism. Scout around, and give me your predictions. ALso if anyone has any comments that they would like to give about this upcoming event feel free to chime in.

I know Team 11 is all pumped after our two upsets in the semi-finals at our previous two regionals, and we hope that everyone is as entuhsiatic as the team were at the “House of Love” in Annapolis


Team 845, Cutting Edge will be there! I can’t wait it’s only 6 more days away!

I personally think that there will be a lot of fierce competition there. Team 34 looks pretty tough. 343 is also a team I think will make an impact in the finals. Of course, with all the extraordinary teams that are going it’s really anyone’s game. :slight_smile:

The Firebirds will be there and we are quite excited. I think there will be some good competition. See everyone there.

I’m not saying anyone is gonna win anything, but i know I would pay attention to 180, 342, 343, and 34…all have consistently impressive over the years (not to say other teams haven’t) and I believe this will continue @ palmetto…

Currently only 9 of the 45 teams scheduled for Palmetto are rookies. Considering what I have seen from rookies this year (i.e. 1369 in Peachtree and “Think Pink”…and others), I am anticipating a great competition. We are exceptually pleased with those teams planning to attend Palmetto…especially considering it is a “rookie regional.” Good luck to all teams coming and let me or any of “Team 343” members know if you need anything. We will try to accomodate.

Team 5 will most likely do very well - they won in Pittsburgh and in Detroit.

It figures…out of all of the Michigan teams to follow us to SC, the one that does is doing extremely well this year. I’m beginning to think that 818 is a cursed team… :slight_smile:

Aside from discussing the “top dogs” in the actual competition what about the “top dogs” for Chairman’s or other major awards? Team 433 is submitting their first Chairman’s at Palmetto, what other teams will be submitting?

When I saw them in Detroit they were struggling in the playoffs. Chief Delphi was the one who really pulled that alliance together. Not to say that number five was bad or anything, but all they could really do was hang and I think I only saw them do that once in the whole playoff.

well S.P.A.M. is coming !

we have a lot of work to do on the bot but u’ll see us on the field! :smiley:

Aside from discussion of who the best teams will be.

There should be a ChiefDelphi web hug at this regional (not unlike the web hug at nationals). This way people that aren’t going to Nats but are going to Palmetto can meet and talk! I’d probably say that Saturday would be a good day at lunch time. Any suggestions?

Hey! We were a realiable hanger, and did it when the stradegy called for it. The alliance we had for the Detroit Regional won the regional together. Delphi and Bionic Zebras were awesome alliance partners, no doubt, and you are right, Delphi really helped us in the finals. Hey, that’s why it’s called an alliance, right? :slight_smile:
Also, Team 5 congrats to team 11 and your alliance on winning Palmetto. Awesome job! We were definatly cheering for you at Atlanta when we didn’t get picked. Congrats on making it to the Quarter Finals on the Curie Field. I’m really glad that our team got a chance to meet you guys and hopefully we’ll see you again in some more regionals.

THANKS!!! team 11 is defintely glad to have met you guys on 5, we hopefully will meet up again some time!

I just want to also say, like what Leslie said, congrats to team 11, 122, and 281. You guys were awesome out there. Tough fight, and you guys pulled through. All teams did a great job though, no matter what.