Palmetto Video?

I was just wondering if anyone has some video of the Palmetto regional, particularly the Finals between 271, 1302, 95 and 281, 11, 122. I know there was the webcast by NASA, but I need it to play in Windows Media Player…any help that you could offer would be greatly appreciatd.

I would be highly interested in seeing that match again myself.

I’ll give bonus cool points, karma, or similar things to anyone who can find 1293 video, especially that match we had against Golden Strip Flash (1319?). I believe it was our next-to-last match on Saturday.

And does anyone remember that two-on-one qualifier? That was t3h pimp!

We may have a VHS of the Palmetto…would that help?

Is the video of the entire regional? Because I am just mainly looking for the finals.

The video is of the entire event…let us know and we will try to get you a copy.

That would definately help! PM me for my address.

Just a suggestion…maybe you could get another copy and send it to Team 108, SOAP. They’ve been taping and digitally archiving matches for a few years, and I’m sure that they’d appreciate a copy of the tape as well. Especially if it’s already digitized. :slight_smile:

oh can i have any clips of the palmetto comp!?!
that would be greatly appreciated from the firebirds. lol.
so u have any links just pm me or post them here i guess :smiley:

Alicia! :ahh: we have video of Palmetto! gosh just cause you weren’t there…

We’ve (the firebirds) got the semifinals on tape as well as some other stuff…if this helps PM me and let me know

NASA to the rescue!!!