Paly Robotics 2007 Bot Demo

I don’t think we’ve ever linked to this here before, so here’s a video composed of footage we took while practicing before ship:

The only different things on the final bot is the grabber, which is now lighter, and the spring system that reduces load off the arm motor. The spring now goes from one section of the four-bar to the other, reducing the load on the arm motor to almost nothing, making it very easy to drive. During fix-it we plan to make a few replacements and mess around with our autonomous code some more.

Technical info was posted on different thread before, but here’s a quick summary: six wheel drive with middle one lowered, driven by four small CIMs on the corner wheels, with the middle one chain driven. No shifting. The arm is driven by a big CIM geared with a gearbox and then again with another one, providing a total reduction of (I believe) 144:1. The grabber is driven by two of the small banebots motors. Camera track should work, and sort of worked last time we tested it.


Are you guys using the same drive train as last year? (I must say, that was quite a powerful drive train)

It is almost exactly the same. However, it’s modified to use the banebots gearboxes and to be much, much easier to work with. In terms of power, it’s just as beastly as last year’s is.