pan/tilt connection for 2007 camera

Sry keep changing it, but basically the camera on the workbook is 2006 and the 2007 we are having problems connecting our servo motors. How do we connect the servo motor into the camera?

You don’t you connect the servos to the RC. If you are using Kevin’s code then its PWM01 and PWM02! The servo headers were removed from the Camera board!

I think you meant: You don’t you connect the servos to the camera. :cool:

iBheat was correct. The servos must be connected to the RC (unless last year’s camera is used, though I’m not sure if that is allowed or not).

Just FYI, the CMUcam cameras in the 2006 Kit-of-Parts can not be used on a 2007 FRC robot. For more information, see the official Q&A.

Oops, you are right! I guess I was tired :slight_smile: