Pan-Tilts, Heavy-Duty, Surplus, For Sale


A company I used to work for has gone out of business. They are selling what remains of their assets at hugely discounted prices (you get to haggle).

There are a handful of beastly-heavy pan-tilt units available, in various states of repair. Some might need repair. I think some are in good working order.

If I remember correctly this is the right description FLIR D300 PTUs

These aren’t the sort thing that would ever go onto a competition bot, but the could definitely add some go-faster stripes to a Tee-shirt or potato cannon, point a ham radio antenna, or give a Halloween mannequin some extra pizzaz.

If you are interested in working out a deal with the guy selling off the equipment (not me!) send me a PM and I’ll connect you with him.

Does this mean FLIR will finally stop sending me emails for products I don’t want because I once gave them a business card at a trade expo?


These were made by a company that was bought by FLIR. However, now that they are part of the collective, I’m sure my contacts there will be glad to increase the email frequency until you see the light. :smiley:

But… humans can’t see IR…

I see what you did there…

I’ll just let my self out then…