Pan Turning To the left

I know this has probably been posted already, but I just couldn’t find it. But when the Pan servo is connected to the camera. In demo mode it turns to the left and sticks their until you go in the java file and set the servo to 0 and it go to the center but will not go to the right. Please Help!!! :smiley:

Alright…here is what is going on…you do not have your servos properly calibrated…use the software to put your servos at the neutral/middle state which is 127, take the screws out that hold the plastic rotating servo plates and move your arm to the position you want it. If that doesnt make sense or help…let me know… [email protected]

When you put it all together, and turn on the power it goes to where the neutral state or middle state should be…

Hope that Hlelps

  • Team 1506 programmer John K.