Pandaboard Setup Issues

We are unable to install Ubuntu 11.10 on our Pandaboard, which we are planning on using for image processing. Any suggestions?

Well, can we have a bit more information about the problems you are having?

Are you using Ubuntu or Linaro’s distribution? I’ve found Linaro provides the best support and out-of-the-box configuration. Also, what SD card are you using? I’ve found most cards are painfully slow, but the Patriot LX class 10 cards work really well.

We are using Ubuntu, and we have several different SD cards that we have tried (I don’t have the models in front of me now). We had been having issues were we could sometimes get it to boot up, but the kernel would corrupt after several restarts. Last night we got it installed, and so far it looks like it might work.

That’s good to hear. If you run in to any speed problems though, I’d try either the Lexar Professional SDHC Class 10 or the Patriot LX series class 10. I’ve seen slightly better performance out of the Lexar, but they’re 2x the price.

Another option is to install to a USB memory stick.